Class: Type Composition
Lian Ng


Design a series of 3 book covers to represent a reissue from a publisher. Each selected title should be different enough from each other to give individuality to the books — however; they all need to have some grounding elements to tie them all together. Each front cover design should reflect the essence of the book, giving the reader a hint of the book. 


Dracula. The Metamorphosis. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. All Bantam Books Series. I chose these three titles to redesign for my book series. The challenge that I was presented with is incorporating these 3 distinct stories into one unified series. Therefore, I used a small color palette of black and white for the background, with red and green as accent colors. My concepts were simple in design and I used the spine to connect them all with the Bantam logo, which helped incorporate them easier as a series.