MFA Thesis Project
Advised by: William Culpepper, Marc English, Jeremy Stout, Anitra Nottingham, and Sandra Isla.


For every dollar a man makes, a woman still only makes $0.78. The pay gap still exists today and it will continue to if women don’t stand up against it. Women are not only lacking in their pay because of equality, but also because of their choices and lack of knowledge. For example, men are more likely to negotiate their salary, while most women do not. Young men and women are closest in pay, but over the years the gap increases with age. This is why today’s young working women need more support and knowledge to help them make smarter choices. 


To educate, motivate, and empower young women early in their careers to create equality in their wages with the design of influential tips, tools, and a strong support community. Elevate, an online and community organization for young women, gives women all the facts and then equips them with tools and information they would need when negotiating their current salary or their next job. 


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